Fraud, Risk and Compliance

Detect and minimize exposure to fraud, maintain regulatory compliance, mitigate risk.

Anti money laundering and Fraud

DS – Anti Money Laundering is developed and supported by Digital Systems, the business intelligence software producer. Our application effectively monitors bank customer transactions on a daily basis and, using customer historical information and account profile, provides a “whole picture” to the bank management.

Digital Systems – AML Solution helps to reduce exposure to money laundering and terrorism financing activities. Transaction monitoring can include cash deposits and withdrawals, wire transfers and ACH activity. With DS – Anti Money Laundering, financial and non-financial institutions can create an enterprise wide view of customer’s relationship and risks, monitor activity using multiple detection methods, investigate and document suspicious cases, use detailed audit information and produce required regulatory reports. All within an integrated solution built on data management and analytic capabilities.

DS – Anti Money Laundering is an enterprise solution that facilitates the critical task of suspicious activity monitoring using a risk-based approach.

The DS – Anti Money Laundering solution applies advanced analytics and scenarios against an institution’s transactional data to identify suspicious behavior. Once identified, the investigative function provides a seamless workflow that increases effectiveness and efficiency.

DS – Anti Money Laundering software helps organisations manage situations of non-compliance and develop a sustainable and cost-effective solution to ongoing DS – AML compliance. The risks of non-compliance include civil, monetary and criminal penalties, increased regulatory attention, and reputational damage. DS – AML is useful for institutions having problems associated with accepting cash for remittance back home when taken against the potential ramifications of AML legislation, what means that the business is very risky.

Your benefits from DS - Anti Money Laundering

  • Customer relationship and risks view
  • Monitor activity using multiple detection methods
  • Easily adapt to changing requirements
  • Solution based on open standards
  • Simple integration with key bank systems
  • Online and offline transaction client history analysis
  • Sanction Screening
  • Open interfaces for on-demand integration with external systems
  • ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 message screening
  • Build-in client and transaction archive
  • Complete and customizable AML workflow
  • Complete AML investigation history with audit trails
  • State of art Case management system

Functional Highlights

  • AML Workflow
    • Customizable multilayer workflow
    • Automatic and manual case creation
    • Fully customizable notification
    • Rule based Case routing
    • Extensive set of rights with fine grained access control
  • Sanction Screening
    • Checks names, identifications and countries
    • Wide range of sanction lists available
    • Possible to define and maintain custom black and white lists
    • Fully integrated in to AML analysis engine
  • Transaction History Analysis
    • Fully customizable and configurable AML analysis engine
    • Highly flexible, based on hierarchical rules
    • Covers all common AML scenarios
    • Extensible for other domain
      • Internal and external fraud detection
      • Customer behavior tracking
    • Adaptable to specific customer requirements
    • Score-based
  • Integration
    • Solution is based on open standards
    • Simple integration with key bank systems
      • Payment message channels for screening ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 compliant messages
    • Support for full customization available if required


DS – Rating is developed and supported by Digital Systems, business intelligence software producer.

DS – Rating a modern tool for assessment of client and to monitor client’s performance compared to segment’s standards. It monitors client’s activities, his evolution and performance, and helps to foresee his status in the segment of his business compared to competitors, or compared to the whole segment situation. DS – Rating monitors the whole life cycle of the client, since the creation of sales case, till its end. It also allows the bank to evaluate the rating of the client from previous period.

DS – Rating allows to compare plans with real income statement, which helps to forecast future evolution. It is the centralised tool for maintenance and evaluation of the client. It also contains the sales cases’ archive.

DS – Rating allows to archive all data for next sale cases. DS – Rating is fully interoperable with other bank systems, such as Digital Systems – Anti Money Laundering or CRM system, etc..

DS – Rating is the independent assessment, aimed to gather all possible information about risks related to the customer, his ability to fulfil his commitment to the bank, therefore: • it’s important to identify the risk before providing active business based on client’s activities results • it’s important to measure the credit risk during the whole contract with the client, by gathering the key information, regular control and analyze his statement of finances.

DS – Rating is important part of credit issuing process, and plays important role in relationship between the bank and the clients or between companies and theirs customers.

Your benefits from DS - Rating

  • Solution for client assessment (rating) and credit management
  • Highly flexible and configurable rating
  • Pre-rating primary evaluation of the client
  • Archiving of client’s information and ratings
  • Centralized archive of the sales cases
  • Client monitoring and whole cycle of business relationship
  • Comparison of client’s capacity against the concordant segment’s situation
  • Ability to forecast the developments
  • Ability to work with different balance standards – versions
  • Cash-flow calculation support
  • Monitoring of arbitrary chosen parameters
  • Possible manual interventions of an analyst into the rating calculation

Functional Highlights

  • History of client’s balances and calculated ratings
  • Support for external data for the rating model
    • e.g. industry segment coefficients
  • Support for multiple divisions in the enterprise with custom rating models
  • Versioning of the rating models
  • Possible manual interventions of an analyst into the rating calculation
    • Consideration of internal knowledge of the client, e.g.
      • management stability
      • employees fluctuation
      • status in the segment, etc.
    • Multiple balances, even each with different structure, can be displayed and calculated at once
    • Categorization of balances – continuous, final, predictive
    • Support for manual balance input – simulation scenarios
    • Reporting capabilities, e.g.
  • List of clients with incomplete balance data
  • Archive of all calculated ratings
  • Rating histograms
  • Performance of clients across the segments
  • Support for financial data given in any currency
  • Final client’s rating can be manually adjusted according to internal business rules


OK AML is a service designed for obligated entities to ensure the fulfillment of legislative obligations to detect and identify unusual business operations.


Choosing a partner to meet your legislative responsibilities is an important thing that you cannot underestimate.

We have prepared the service for you so that you can continue to devote yourself to your business in peace.

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Your benefits from OK AML

  • Time saving

    • Evidence, archiving, verification of UBO, PEP, etc. It also takes 14 hours for each new case if done manually. OK AML will automatically arrange this agenda for you.
  • Stable partner
    • Digital Systems is an international AML expert for leading financial institutions. You will be able to rely on us in the future as well.
  • Insurance
    • You are safe with our service. We are insured for liability for damage.
  • Security
    • We take the utmost care of data protection and cyber security. The system is monitored non-stop and audited by leading security companies.
  • Legislative protection
    • We provide the service in accordance with the latest legislation. That is why we cooperate with leading law companies.
  • Regular updates

    • OK AML updates are running in the background. You don’t have to install anything or follow the legislation. The system will notify you of the news itself.