Meet Digital Systems at Geldwäsche-Spezialtag in Austria!

Digital Systems at Geldwäsche-Spezialtag in Austria!

Save your date and meet Digital Systems in Wien, Austria on 17.  September 2019.

The 5th EU Money Laundering Directive will be transposed into national law by 10 January 2020. Did you consider everything during the implementation? Get a final update shortly before the application and clear up the last ambiguity!

Geldwäsche-Spezialtag topics:

  • 5. EU Money Laundering Directive: Innovations, effects and necessary adjustments
  • WiEReG: Know typical pitfalls of trustee constructions, foundations and trusts
  • Clarification PeP status: Correct recording of politically exposed persons
  • Dealing with risk countries: Managing business relationships with risky countries correctly
  • Terrorist Financing: Identify conspicuous customer and transactional behavior, develop prevention measures
  • FATCA, CRS (GMSG) & Banking Package: Interactions between AML and Tax Transparency Laws

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